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About Us

Big Word Press is dedicated to integrating the literary arts into today's rapidly evolving media landscape.

Located in the heart of New York City's bustling West Village, Big Word Press was established in 2007 by a small group of creative, driven individuals who wanted to see publishing taken to the next level.

Our goal is to go beyond the printed word.  The books we choose to publish are not only unique in execution, content and purpose, but are multi-platform.  Our books have lives as interactive websites. They utilize video, audio or viral downloads. They're connected to live events and theme parties.  The downloadable material for our niche market how-to books is constantly being updated and improved.  In short, we want our books to be alive and we want our readers to have a new experience every time they pick one up.

We love books.  We feel they should be exciting to read and beautiful to look at. They should inspire, entertain, educate.  They should be something you want to share, something you want to experience again and again; not just something for you to revisit on occasion, but something that grows with you.