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Ariane Smith
Ariane Smith Specializing in the fine art of interactive storytelling, Ariane Smith recently appeared on television as one of New York City’s top children’s entertainers.  Also an award winning playwright, her mixed media trilogy, “The Venus Cycle” was commissioned by Tribeca Performing Arts Center, won many grants, and was featured in the New York Times. Ariane is an alumna of Skidmore College.  She developed the appreciation for fairy tales and the culinary arts that inspired Enchanted Thyme - Book One in the Delicious Adventure Series traveling the world as a child with her parents, two world renowned ballet dancers.


Andy Roth
Andy Roth For over a decade, casting professional, Andy Roth has run auditions and overseen bookings for the CESD talent agency and many of the biggest voice-casting directors in the business. He has trained and aided hundreds of actors currently working in the voiceover world.  And now he has written Voice Over Tricks and Techniques, a book designed to teach you the tricks and techniques that open doors and gives performers the edge in one of entertainment’s most elusive and misunderstood branches.